Music Purchases

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Number of purchases for 2008 - 224

2008-01-01 Grateful Dead Beyond Description (1973-1989) (Box Set)
2008-01-01 Queensryche Sign Of The Times - The Best Of Queensryche (Delux
2008-01-01 Ben Harper Lifeline (w/ DVD)
2008-01-01 Frank Sinatra Sinatra At The Sands
2008-01-05 Grateful Dead The Golden Road (1965-1973) (Box Set)
2008-01-05 Various Artists The Disco Box (Box Set)
2008-01-05 Bay City Rollers Give A Little Love: The Best Of
2008-01-18 Bruce Springsteen Live 1975-85 (Box Set)
2008-01-18 Hank Williams Jr. The Bocephus Box
2008-01-18 Neil Young Greatest Hits
2008-01-18 Foo Fighters The Colour And The Shape (Remastered)
2008-01-18 Megadeth Warchest (Box Set)
2008-01-18 Ben Harper Burn To Shine
2008-01-18 Bob Dylan MTV Unplugged (CD/DVD)
2008-01-18 Jouney Frontiers (Remastered)
2008-01-18 Killswitch Engage As Daylight Dies (Special Edition)
2008-01-18 Autograph Sign In Please
2008-01-18 Warrant Dirty Rotten Filthy Stinking Rich (Remastered)
2008-01-18 Frank Zappa Roxy And Elsewhere
2008-01-18 Tom Petty Echo
2008-01-18 Frank Zappa Cheap Thrills
2008-01-19 Bruce Springsteen Born To Run (Box Set)
2008-01-19 Montrose The Very Best Of Montrose
2008-01-19 Godsmack ...Ten Years Of Godsmack (w/ DVD)
2008-01-19 Various Artists Rock Star (Soundtrack)
2008-01-19 Umphrey's McGee Local Band Does O.K.
2008-01-19 The Cars Just What I Needed: The Cars Anthology
2008-01-31 Frank Zappa Wazoo
2008-01-31 Zappa Plays Zappa Zappa Plays Zappa (DVD)
2008-01-31 Bob Dylan Infidels (SACD)
2008-01-31 Dweezil Zappa Vanity
2008-02-05 Lenny Kravitz It Is Time For A Love Revolution (W/ DVD)
2008-02-05 Sheryl Crow Detours
2008-02-08 U2 All That You Can't Leave Behind (Limited Edition)
2008-02-13 Umphrey's McGee Live at Crash Mansion LA (2008-02-13)
2008-02-16 Winger Winger Live
2008-02-16 Winger Winger Live (DVD)
2008-02-18 Megadeth Killing Is My Business... And Business Is Good! (R
2008-02-18 Rooney Calling The World
2008-02-18 Another Animal Another Animal
2008-02-18 Tom Petty Highway Companion (Special Edition)
2008-02-24 Don Dokken Solitary
2008-03-04 Nine Inch Nails Ghosts I-IV
2008-03-04 The Black Crowes Warpaint
2008-03-10 Frank Sinatra The Reprise Collection (Box Set)
2008-03-10 White Lion The Definitive Rock Collection
2008-03-10 Cinderella Gold
2008-03-10 Megadeth Peace Sells... But Who's Buying (Remastered)
2008-03-10 Rush Hold Your Fire (Remastered)
2008-03-10 Rush Counterparts (Remastered)
2008-03-14 Yes Tormato (Expanded & Remastered)
2008-03-14 The Beatles The Capitol Albums Vol. 1
2008-03-14 Iron Maiden Death On The Road
2008-03-14 Queensryche Q2K (Expanded)
2008-03-14 Pete Townshend Empty Glass (Remastered)
2008-03-14 Poison Crack A Smile... And More!
2008-03-14 Ray Charles Pure Genius: The Complete Atlantic Recordings (195
2008-03-17 Frank Sinatra The Complete Capitol Singles (Box Set)
2008-03-29 Various Artists Guitar Center: Fresh Cuts Volume 1
2008-03-29 Various Artists Guitar Center: Fresh Cuts Vol. 2
2008-04-03 Y & T Black Tiger
2008-04-03 Dave Matthews Band Warehouse 5 Volume 7
2008-04-04 The Black Crowes One Night Only (MP3)
2008-04-04 Bob Schneider When The Sun Breaks Down On The Moon
2008-04-04 Vallejo Thicker Than Water
2008-04-04 Dream Theater Greatest Hit (...and 21 other pretty cool songs)
2008-04-04 Sevendust Chapter VII: Hope And Sorrow (Best Buy Edition)
2008-04-04 The Sword Gods Of The Earth
2008-04-04 The Rolling Stones Shine A Light (Deluxe Edition)
2008-04-04 Dream Theater Forsaken - EP
2008-04-10 Y & T Incorrect Species
2008-04-13 U2 and Green Day The Saints Are Coming
2008-04-16 Rush Snakes And Arrows Live
2008-04-17 Asia Phoenix
2008-04-19 Joan Jett Bad Reputation
2008-04-19 Joan Jett & The Blackhearts I Love Rock N' Roll
2008-04-19 Yes Keys To Ascension 2
2008-04-21 Whitesnake Good To Be Bad (Deluxe Edition)
2008-04-21 Dream Theater Lifting Shadows Bonus CD
2008-04-29 Mudcrutch Mudcrutch
2008-04-29 Def Leppard Songs From The Sparkle Lounge
2008-04-30 Zappa Plays Zappa Fan Pack (2 DVDs / 3 CDs)
2008-05-02 3 The End Is Begun (w/ DVD)
2008-05-03 KKB 1974
2008-05-03 Whitesnake Trouble (Remaster)
2008-05-03 Whitesnake Love Hunter (Remaster)
2008-05-03 Whitesnake Ready An' Willing
2008-05-03 Whitesnake Live In The Heart Of The City (Remastered)
2008-05-05 Nine Inch Nails The Slip
2008-05-07 Paul Gilbert Silence Followed By A Deafining Roar
2008-05-10 Brainspoon No Damage
2008-05-18 Amy Winehouse Back To Black
2008-05-21 Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers (Remastered)
2008-05-23 King's X XV
2008-05-23 Keel Lay Down The Law (Remastered)
2008-05-23 Dokken Lightning Strikes Again
2008-05-25 Queensryche Mindcrime At The Moore
2008-05-29 Iron Maiden Killers (Remastered)
2008-06-06 Mike Keneally Wine And Pickles
2008-06-06 Judas Priest Nostradamus
2008-06-17 My Morning Jacket Evil Urges
2008-06-18 Valietn Thorr Immortalizer
2008-06-24 Motley Crue Saints Of Los Angeles (w/ DVD)
2008-06-24 Various Artists Crue Fest Compilation
2008-06-24 Edwin McCain Nobody's Fault But Mine
2008-06-24 Rose Hill Drive Moon Is The New Earth
2008-06-30 Herbie Hancock River: The Joni Letters
2008-07-05 Whiskytown Strangers Almanac
2008-07-05 Triumph Live At The US Festival (w/ DVD)
2008-07-05 Alice Cooper Welcome To My Nightmare (Remastered)
2008-07-07 Smug Owen
2008-07-15 John Mayer Where The Light Is
2008-07-15 Journey Revelation
2008-07-15 Enuff Z'Nuff Dissonance
2008-07-15 Faster Pussycat The Power & The Glory Hole
2008-07-15 Ron Keel Ultimate Collection
2008-07-23 U2 October [Deluxe Edition]
2008-07-23 U2 Boy [Deluxe Edition]
2008-07-23 U2 War [Deluxe Edition]
2008-07-23 Black Sabbath The Rules Of Hell
2008-07-23 W.A.S.P. Dominator
2008-07-26 Black 'N Blue The Ultimate Collection
2008-07-29 Megadeth Rust In Peace
2008-08-06 Seven Seraphim Believe In Angels
2008-08-10 Alice Cooper The Life And Crimes Of Alice Cooper [Box Set]
2008-08-10 Sammy Hagar Not 4 Sale
2008-08-10 Bobaflex Tales From Dirt Town
2008-08-11 Extreme Saudades De Rock
2008-08-15 The Superlatives The Austin Avenue Recordings
2008-08-16 INXS X
2008-08-16 Aerosmith Pandora's Box [Box Set]
2008-08-23 Sebastian Bach Angel Down [w/ DVD]
2008-08-28 Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers Hard Promises
2008-08-30 Paramore All We Know Is Falling
2008-08-30 Black Stone Cherry Folklore And Superstition
2008-08-31 King's X Live And Live Some More Dallas 1994
2008-08-31 King's X Black Like Sunday
2008-08-31 Anthrax Stomp 442 [Remastered]
2008-08-31 Jeff Buckley Grace [Legacy Edition]
2008-08-31 The Beatles The Capitol Albums Vol. 2
2008-08-31 Foxboro Hottubs Stop Drop And Roll
2008-08-31 Triumph Extended Versions Live
2008-08-31 Kix Blow My Fuse
2008-09-05 The Wildhearts Stop Us If You've Heard This One Before Vol. 1
2008-09-05 Saber Tiger Project One
2008-09-05 KISS Kissology: Best
2008-09-05 Whitesnake Come An' Get It
2008-09-13 Metallica Death Magnetic
2008-09-16 Buckcherry Black Butterfly (Fan Club Edition)
2008-09-19 Joe Rockhead Party 'Till You're Dead
2008-09-24 ZZ Top Eliminator (Collector's Edition)
2008-09-25 Tesla Gold
2008-09-25 INXS Welcome To Wherever You Are
2008-09-27 Powerman 5000 Anyone For Doomsday
2008-09-27 ZZ Top Chrome, Smoke, & BBQ: The ZZ Top Box
2008-09-28 Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers Playback (Box Set)
2008-09-28 Pete Townshend The Iron Man
2008-09-28 Pete Townshend Psychoderelict
2008-09-28 Kings Of Leon Only By The Night
2008-09-28 Weezer Weezer (Red Deluxe)
2008-09-28 INXS Full Moon, Dirty Hearts
2008-09-28 Steeler Steeler
2008-09-28 Michael Hutchence Michael Hutchence
2008-09-29 David Gilmour Live in Gdansk (5 Discs)
2008-10-03 Megadeth So Far, So Good... So What! (Remastered)
2008-10-03 Jack's Mannequin The Glass Passenger (CD/DVD)
2008-10-03 U2 Under A Blood Red Sky (CD/DVD)
2008-10-04 Bryan Beller Thanks In Advance... For Nothing (CD/DVD)
2008-10-07 Valient Thorr In Heat Soundtrack
2008-10-11 Dream Theater Chaos In Motion (2 DVD / 3 CD)
2008-10-11 Bob Dylan Tell Tale Signs: The Bootleg Series Volume 8
2008-10-11 Tesla Forever More
2008-10-11 Marc Broussard Must Be The Water EP
2008-10-17 Bob Schneider Frunk - Live At The Keyclub - October 17, 2008
2008-10-18 Bob Schneider Frunk - Live At The Wavehouse - October 18, 2008
2008-10-18 Amie Miriello I Came Around
2008-10-20 Paul Stanley One Live KISS (MP3)
2008-10-21 Paul Stanley One Live KISS (DVD)
2008-10-22 Mother Eff Are We Famous Yet?
2008-10-22 David Gilmour David Gilmour
2008-10-22 David Gilmour Abour Face
2008-10-26 David Gilmour On An Island (w/ DVD)
2008-10-27 Elton John Madman Across The Water (Hybrid SACD)
2008-10-31 Joe Satriani Professor Satchafunkilus And The Musterion Of Rock
2008-10-31 Ryan Adams & The Cardinals Cardinology
2008-11-12 Chris Washburne And The Syotos Band Paradise In Trouble
2008-11-14 Dream Theater Falling Into Infinity Demos 1996-1997 (Ytsejam Rec
2008-11-14 Dream Theater Old Bridge, NJ 12/14/96 (Ytsejam Records)
2008-11-14 Dream Theater Awake Demos 1994 (Ytsejam Records)
2008-11-14 Dream Theater Bucharest, Romania 7/4/02 - Ytsejam Records (DVD)
2008-11-14 Dream Theater When Dream And Day Unite Demos 1987-1989 (Ytsejam
2008-11-14 Dream Theater Images And Words Demos 1989-1991 (Ytsejam Records)
2008-11-14 Dream Theater New York City 3/4/93 (Ytsejam Records)
2008-11-15 Mudcrutch Extended Play EP (Vinyl / CD)
2008-11-15 The Police Certifiable (Bluray / CD)
2008-11-22 Guns N' Roses Chinese Democracy
2008-11-22 Twisted Sister Live At The Astoria (CD/DVD)
2008-11-22 Mudvayne The New Game
2008-11-22 Cheap Trick Budokan! (30th Anniversary Edition - Box Set)
2008-11-26 Rush Snakes & Arrows Live (Bluray)
2008-11-29 The Clash The Singles
2008-11-29 White Zombie Let Sleeping Corpses Lie [Box Set]
2008-11-29 Sixx: A.M. Live Is Beautiful
2008-11-30 Deep Purple Fireball - 25th Anniversary Edition
2008-11-30 Vayden Children Of Our Mistakes [Reissue]
2008-11-30 Ben Harper The Will To Live
2008-11-30 Elton John Tumbleweed Connection (Hybrid SACD)
2008-12-04 Led Zeppelin The Song Remains The Same (Bluray)
2008-12-05 JD & The Straight Shot Right On Time
2008-12-06 Ratt Out Of The Cellar
2008-12-06 Ratt Invasion Of Your Privacy
2008-12-06 AC/DC For Those About To Rock We Salute You
2008-12-06 AC/DC The Razors Edge
2008-12-10 Rolling Stones More Hot Rocks (Hybrid SACD)
2008-12-12 Frank Zappa Joe's Menage
2008-12-12 Frank Zappa The Torture Never Stops (DVD)
2008-12-13 Rolling Stones Metamorphosis (Hybrid SACD)
2008-12-15 Ghost Hounds Ghost Hounds`
2008-12-17 Rolling Stones England's Newest Hitmakers (Hybrid SACD)
2008-12-19 Metallica 2008-12-18 - Los Angeles - Forum
2008-12-19 Mike Keneally The Scambot Holiday Special
2008-12-19 Mike Keneally The Tar Tapes, Volume 1
2008-12-19 Mike Keneally The Tar Tapes, Volume 2
2008-12-29 John Cougar Mellencamp Scarecrow